DJoNemesis is a singer, a writer and a remixer belonging to the band Fratelli Stellari: he appears in some tracks included in the band's albums, such as "Aglien Discomix", "Nightflight to Planet X" and other. He also creates songs on his own being inspired by Lilly, his female cat coming from Orion's Belt; during summer 2016 this pet went through her reincarnation in the body of the female cat Maia, coming from the Pleiades. DJoNemesis lives in Turin, Italy and works at the Pleyad Studios, the discographic label releasing his music and that of Fratelli Stellari.
Under the name of Giuseppe DJoNemesis Ciucci he published three books in Italian and a book in French: "Fuochi Fatui tra le Ombre", "L'Incrocio Celeste al Parco Onirico", "Cuori pulsar nei segnali multiverso dall'Infinito", "Coeurs pulsar dans les signaux multivers de l'Infini" (publishers are Aletti Editore, Edizioni DrawUp and Youcanprint). Some of his literary works appear in the books published by Autori del Gruppo Facebook "Libri Stellari" and by Fratelli Stellari. You can find these books, also in electronic format, on various websites.

Discography. "Baffo d'Oro", digital single, 2016 - "Home Visitors", digital single, 2016 - "Interstellar Melody", digital album, 2016 - "Ritornata dalla Luce", digital single, 2016 - "Nibiru Remixing", digital album, 2017 - "An Ufo Over Turin", digital single (extended play), 2017 - "Instrumental Essence Vol. 1", digital album, 2017 - "Arrival Prophecy", compact disc and digital album, 2017.

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